We’re excited to feature the Washington DC ICC and the release of their 2017 re-brand. Discipleship Media worked very closely with the church leadership to develop an identity that conveys both integrity, seriousness and conviction. Several concepts were put together through this process and we finally came up with this new design.

The goal was something bold and strong conveying our nations capital. The typography is clean and simple that would be visible on a business card or on a large banner.  An alternative version was also created for letterhead, polo shirts, and other print materials.  With some of the most world renown landmarks, it only made sense to include the Capital Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial which makes the logo immediately recognizable.

To conclude it, the latin phrase “De Oppresso Liber” was added which means “To free the oppressed” which is appropriate as the goal of the church is to “free” those who are oppressed by the clutches of sin and the hold that this world has on them.

Overall, we were very pleased with the way everything came out and we’re excited to show you what we came up with.