Shirt Printing


I Love My Church

Shirt printing is a great way to create a professional look to any ministry. We offer various shirt styles, designs and quantities for any need for your ministry.  We’re excited to feature our “I Love My Church” shirts which is a great way to not only promote your church, but also to get people to show interest in “Why” you love your church.

These shirts are also great fundraisers for your church. With prices starting at $7 per shirt (depending on quantities), your church can easily resell them for $15-$20. We can also utilize your church logo on the back which could also include a website or social media information.

These are great shirts to bring focus to why we love our church so much and will guarantee to have people coming up to you just to ask you “Why do you love your church”.  Available in any color.

Kingdom Kids

We also have a standardized Kingdom Kids shirt to help our movement have a sense of unity when it comes to our Kingdom Kids Ministry.  Very bright colors allow workers to be identified immediately as well as also providing embroidered polo shirts for coordinators.

Other colors are also available as to match your church theme colors, or to simply have a bright colored shirt as to identify kingdom kids workers. T-Shirt pricing starts at $7 per shirt and embroidered polo shirts start at $17 per shirt.  Please reach out to us to get a custom quote today.

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